Questionable Fashion Statements by our Presidents.

Some things about being the President of the United States hasn’t changed at all since Mr. Washington himself. While it's no longer standard to ride up on your majestic steed to your inauguration or occasionally participate in a 40-hour self portrait painting with your poodle, the scrutiny that comes with Presidential position has been the same since the beginning... and that includes fashion. Although, Mr. and Mrs. Obama have brought in some great style into the White House, even some of their outfit choices have been made fun of. Obama is far from the first to take a little banter for his clothing choices, though.

Here are 5 presidents who have been questioned for their lack of fashion sense…

Lets start off with this Bad A Mother. He’s the face of the dolla-dolla bill ya’ll... Mr. Washington. And, did you know that he liked to dress up his horses in Leopard-Skin robes? Move over Snooki, you’re not that cool anymore. (Not sure if she ever was).

Remember those days when you were refusing to wear a coat in the middle of a blustery winter day, cause your out fit was “Da-bomb” ? Or, was that just a battle that my parents had with me? Anyways, I guess that's one thing I have in common with ninth President William Henry Harrison. He gave a two-hour inauguration speech on a very cold and snowy day refusing to wear a coat, hat or gloves on the grounds. He thought that it would make him look weak…Uh, terrible idea. He fell ill almost immediately and ended up dying shortly thereafter. Listen to your Mommy and Daddy when they tell you to put your coats on.

Sometimes people just can’t let go of the past…Well, President James Monroe was guilty of this. After the war ended, he still dressed up in his high heel man shoes, powdered wig and rosed up his cheeks. It was outdated and very strange. I mean come on... Just let it go. We don’t want to see your latest JC Penny glamour shots Monroe. 

Pajama Day at school was the bee’s knees. And, I am being totally transparent here… I prayed every time that it would be a Bill Nye the Science Guy video day because I had glow in the dark star and moon jammies. We can thank President Thomas Jefferson for this glorious day. He would greet other presidents, ministers and kings in his pajamas. Although he offended most people, he was one comfy Chief of State.

Last but not least…Mr. Dwight D. Eisenhower. This guy was hilarious and had an amazing sense of humor. One fashion statement some folks will never forget is when his commanding officer requested that Dwight wore his dress coat to a meeting and the president showed up in nothing BUT a dress coat! I wonder who he was meeting for after-work drinks? (Personally something I think only women can pull off.)


Democrat, Republican, Green Party, whatever...We're really not telling you who to vote for on this upcoming presidential election. But, we can be sure of one thing... Pant suits or comb overs...
The choice is yours America. 

Amie Boos
Amie Boos


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