10 Quick Tips on Menswear

April 04, 2016


1.) Don't always try to keep up, trends change fast. Buy and wear things because you like it. You may not always feel comfortable in the latest trend. If you feel stupid, you're going to look stupid.


2.) If you are not on a Ramen Noodle budget, invest in quality products. Sometimes it's not about finding product just for the cheap price, but how long the product is going to last you. 


3.) Chances are you don't look like Chris Hemsworth, if you do please call us we are currently looking for models...BUT don't be afraid to copy celebrity looks. Use their style for inspiration. Odds are people won't put two and two together.  


4.) Don't be afraid of rocking a crazy pair of socks. If anything they are always a great conversational piece. "Hey...Are those Dinosaurs?" Your nerdy self: "Why yes, the triceratops was an omnivore who liked to go on long walks and had an average life span of 102 years." OK maybe keep some things to yourself. 


5.) Fit comes first. Wearing clothes that are saggy make you look heavier and make you appear to be shorter than you really are.


6.) Know your color tone and what colors look good on you. Example: Does your skin burn easily in the sun? Then you should be wearing cool color tones such as blue, silver and purple. 


7.) Get creative with your Tie knots. There are over a dozen different ways to tie your tie. Don't know where to begin? Check out Youtube and type in "Different ways to tie a tie."


8.) Headed out to the bar with buddies after work and don't want to look over dressed? Remove your tie  and swap your button down for a white t-shirt under your jacket before heading out.


9.)The first thing you should consider when buying sunglasses is the shape of your face. The frames of your sunglasses should actually contrast with the shape of your face. 


10.) Last but not least, DO YOU! No one does it better. 

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