Staying Dapper with Matt Hartman

May 25, 2016

Matt Hartman is an Illinois native, GQ Insider & Brand Ambassador with some serious style...We reached out to hear about his favorite Menswear topics and also got some tips for summer!

Have you always been into menswear fashion? When did you decide to put a good amount of effort into your look? I was not into fashion until late years in high school and college.  That's when I discovered looking nice has rewards.  However as I grew older I was more about trying to 'fit in' and look like everyone else.  As my career grew my look did not show true professionalism.  (I wore collared shirt and slacks) Then I had a review with my boss at the time and he informed me to gain respect with clients I needed to improve my wardrobe to look like an executive.  Ever since that day I've worked on improving the wardrobe to create my look today.  It's still evolving and that's what makes it so fun.     


Well...Matthew, we may have to disagree with you when you said you weren't into fashion until your later years after seeing this #TBT Instagram! #DapperBaby  

Where do you live? Do you think where you live influences your style?  
I've grown up in Illinois all my life and was raised on a farm.  So style wasn't the was the practicality of what you wore.  However, as I went to college I went to school closer to Chicago which opened my eyes to different style ideas.  Today I don't necessarily draw influence from Chicago.  Most of my influences are found on the internet from all over the world.  
What's a staple piece that you cannot live without? This is a very hard question because it depends on weather, what's the occasion, etc.  If my arm was twisted I would probably say a knit tie.  I love them because you can wear them on any occasion and get away with it.  A close second is a lapel pin but that's a tricky one to have in every look. 

What are some good tips for this upcoming summer?
Pay attention to the fabrics you wear and buy for the summer.  Pick fabrics that allow air flow better like seersucker, linen, cotton etc.  Do not wear fabrics that do not help with air'll turn into a sweat box.  If I'm being funny 'Wear Sunscreen'...keeps you from burning your skin. :D

Best kind of shoes to rock in the summer? 
The obvious choice is sandals/flip flops but I'm going to say Adidas Stan Smith's.  They are so clean...and can be worn with almost everything if styled right.

Which celebrity could you most relate to?
As weird as this sounds I don't relate with celebrities much.  They live completely different than I do with so many resources available at their finger tips.  However if someone were to ask me who I look like/seem like it is Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker.  I have a lot of the same facial expressions and mannerisms that he uses as that character (minus the Spider-Man part).  
What is your favorite Würkin Stiffs Item and why?  Knotz!  Followed by the Power Stays. I like the knotz because I'm using them as cuff-links and also a lapel.  They are classic and yet have personality (color).  I like trying to use products differently than what they were originally intended for to expand the use of my accessories.      
Keep up with Matt and his latest Menswear trends on Instagram: @runnineverlong 

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