The Craft

May 06, 2015

Cufflink maker by day, Super Hero by night. (Literally.)


Brittny, a fellow Würkin employee on the art of making cufflinks. "How did you get into this craft?"

"I had a little history working with resin before I became a Stiff, I started making bottle cap pendants and selling jewelry at the age of 16.  Later on I started working at Würkin Stiffs about 6 years ago and Jonathan Boo's, the owner of the company trained me on how to actually make the cufflinks and I fell in love with the craft!"


"On the days I make the cufflinks, I have to heat the resin for about an hour until it has the consistency of a syrup because the resin is a two part poxy. I then mix it throughly with a liquid hardener. At that point my job is a race against time!- As I drop the resin on our gloss prints, the resin it self heats up and hardens, sometimes while its still in the bottle. Once the resin hardens on the prints and has time to cool, I can then insert the resin images into the cufflink base and package up my babies for inventory. Its a very long and involved process but I take pride in my work. I remember walking into Nordstrom and seeing the cufflinks on display and I said out loud..."I did that!" Everyone looked at me like a weirdo but it was the most exciting moment in my career to date. 

Hey Britt, what do you do for fun?

"I'm kind of a nerd so I regularly and frequently attend any Florida based comic book or Japanese anime conventions! So when I'm not at Würkin Stiffs, I'm usually working on a costume, a prop of some kind or I'm the first person in line at the heavenly gates of Disney World. I'm always spray painting or sanding something then documenting it on social media. I just love the rewarding feeling that comes with completing a costume and the positive feedback I receive from my friends and even strangers!" 

-Follow Brittny's Instagram page for all her latest costume designs and other cool shenanigans she's up to @naito_isshu






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