RFID blocking has got your Hack.

October 05, 2015

Holiday Season is almost here! So, we are shedding some light on credit card hacking and how Würkin Stiffs can help.

Long gone are the days of the classic purse snatcher jumping out of the bushes and running off with your coin, leaving you bruised kneed and bloodied. With less physical action required, and with very little skill, thieves only need seconds to get all of your credit card information with just an altered scanner they can buy from eBay and their phone. These digital-hijackers may be hacking your information right from your wallet or purse without you ever knowing it, until you get your next bill statement.
Check out this informative video with Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec.

Here at Würkin Stiffs, we design all of our Wallets with RFID Protection to keep these digital-thieves from grabbing your personal goods. Würkin Wallets are constantly playing defense, so you don't have to! Our wallets have been stylishly keeping our Fellow Stiffs protected for over 4-years now. 
How does it Würk?
Würkin Wallets restrict your passport, credit and debit cards' Radio Frequency Chip from casting its signal while the wallet is closed. A thin alloy matrix is fused between our embossed Italian calfskin leather, keeping your digital information from getting out. Also, our French-folded seam construction makes our wallets almost indestructible. No need to wrap your cards in aluminum foil and embarrassing yourself while paying for dinner. The only thing you should keep wrapped in foil are your leftovers.
You can check out our RFID Protected wallets HERE to keep your identity and moolah safe this shopping season. Use this coupon code on your wallet purchase for 10% off using RFIDBLOG10 for a limited time only!

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