Double Down with our versatile Doppel Bag.

November 05, 2015

Our Döppel bag is so versatile that you can get creative with its many uses. 100% Silicone makes this bag leak resistant and helps keep your goods dry from any wet activity life throws at you.

Also known as a “Dopp Kit”, the name derives from early 20th century leather craftsman Charles Doppelt, who invented his toiletry case in 1919 (pictured to the left). We took a different spin with our version and developed it out of one-piece silicone. This clever Döppel Bag was created with the road warrior in mind. The construction neatly resists toiletry leaks and spills, saving the inside of your suitcase from a disaster. The roomy interior holds plenty (including a large can of hairspray), and the outside looks rugged yet attractive. 




I was browsing the interwebs the other day and wanted to see what people use the Würkin Stiffs Döppel Bag for. So, I typed in "Würkin Stiffs DBag" and I was pretty shocked yet intrigued when I saw all the different uses! Side Note: Someone asked us once… "Hey, I know you're abbreviating, but do you all know DBag stands for douche bag?” Haha. Yes, we are aware! The word "douche" is french for "shower". And, it is exactly that... A shower bag. It also stands for Ditty Bag, Dopp Bag, Dirt Bag, etc. Even though we are known for keeping your collars stiff, we are not a bunch of stiffs ourselves, we like a good chuckle around the water cooler! 

One of the first images that I found was a man swimming in a Lagoon with our Doppel bag…What?! OK that’s pretty cool. I had to translate the story written in a different language and later found out that the man had put his camera in his Doppel Bag while swimming to keep the camera from getting wet. This is when I realized that it's not just a toiletry bag... It's a bag full of majestic magic. 
So many other photos were showing up. I couldn't believe all the different uses people had for them. And yes, not just men are using our DBag. Women too! Make up brush holder, Perfume holder, Beach bag, Baby bag.....Last but not least a personal MINION holder! It's pretty cute you can't lie.

It has also even turned into a fashion statement, check out these photos below that I found...(I swear we didn't pay these people to do this... haha!)                                                 

We were so inspired by all of these photos that we are currently running a cool promotion this Holiday season! With a purchase of our Royal Blue, White or Green Doppel Bag we will throw in a FREE gift! Check it out here for a limited time! 

Also, I want to know what's in YOUR Döppel Bag! Tweet, Instagram or Tag us on Facebook of your Würkin Stiffs Döppel Bag for a chance to win some free Würkin Bucks! Use the hashtag: #WhatsInYourDBag