10 years in the making.

January 27, 2016

Thank you for keeping us Würkin for 10 years!  

Kick starting Würkin Stiffs with only one product, as a one-man operation, with a one page website, just one decade ago did not seem crazy to me. However, now looking back, I cannot believe the accomplishment due to the advancements in the business world we see today. In 2006, there was no “social media” to launch a new product into the world, tweeting about it, and getting funded from a crowd of people that you never met. You rolled up your sleeves, hopped in your car, strapped your 10 month old into his car seat and sent your wife into the men’s specialty stores to get the job done. Not sure if that was the manly thing to do… But boy, those were the days!


With our 10th Year Anniversary starting back at me, I reminisce fondly in the past but continue moving forward, in the pursuit of making product better by obsessing over quality, function and design. When a person doesn’t know they need your product until they use it, and then realize they now cannot live without it…Well, that’s true success.


I have a great team of Fellow Stiffs around me with the best wife and two kiddos a guy could hope for. (love you Amie, Aiden and Lennon). What more does this Würkin Stiff want or need? 

(I will let you know in ten more years.) 

-Jonathan Boos



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