Polo Stays® Magnetic Collar Stays

Revitalize your old flannel, and give that Polo Shirt something to swing for.
Perfect collar connection!


Polo Stays® just stick-n-stay permanently under any collared shirt without a collar stay pocket. Kiss collar curl goodbye forever.

Each Set Includes:
+ (10) Permanent Adhesive Magnetic Collar Stays    
+ (2) Plastic Covered Magnetic Power Buttons
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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
This is a game changer for a few dress/collared shirts!

Okay, please allow me explain. I was about to donate a few dress shirts that weren't cheap but have a built in/sewn in collar stay, therefore I can't use the regular Würkin Stiffs collar stays on them but this? OMG, totally sharpens up the collar, levels up the shirt, tremendous difference. Thanks so much!

Great Product!

Great Product that does wonders for those polos that have collars that fly away. I wear some polos for work and it has made a huge difference in the look and professionalism they add to the polo not looking ragged in the collar.

George T.

gave you a 5 for service, I've been busy haven't attached the permanent part to the collar . However you only gave me 2 ( a pair ) of magnets , I give you a 2 for being stingy ,you should have gave more .

Kevin B.
They’re great!

I love the magnetic collar stays. They make a bunch of shirts I really enjoy except for the fly-away collars look really sharp.

Jessica J.
Worth every penny!

These work so well on casual, collared shirts! My husband especially likes them on a short sleeved button up, but they are equally as good on polo shirts. Just remember to remove the magnets before washing. I find them stuck inside the washer and dryer.