The Mystery Box

A Mystery Gift Box Full of Würkin Stiffs Essentials.
Every Box Contains a Mystery Assortment of Würkin Stiffs Current Products for Only $50.00!
+ Over a $100.00 retail value for $50.00!
+ Perfect for any gift-giving extravaganza!
+ No Returns, No Refunds, Limited Quantities

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 84 reviews

    Absolutely a good selection, for the price I pay basically I receive 150% worth of merchandise... probably I was lucky...

    Awesome value!

    Got 2 tie clips, a set of shirt stays, and a travel case!

    This is unreal!

    I bought the latest version and got so much cool stuff. A three-pack of collar stays, a Dopp kit and a bunch of tie bars!
    This is a no-brainer for the price, I'm floored by the value which. I am officially a wurkin stiff fan for life. YOU GUYS ROCK!

    Mystery Box

    I thought I would of got a set of collar stays but instead I got 2 travel cases

    Well I'll Be Damned...this was EPIC..

    I love subscription and mystery boxes...always so tempting...but always a gamble. When I was adding some collar stays to my box I realized there's a mystery box so I purchased my stays and a box. Videos online said that people got stays, wallets, pocket squares, tie bars...etc...

    There's enough good information out there that quality items come so I gave it a go.

    I got a big dop, a small dop, two different kinds of stays - the plastic ones in two different sizes and the hook bar plastic ones.

    The dop's are up there in pricing and though I liked them I have quite a few Dops, really nice to get TWO of these in a box. Blew me away.

    The total value on my box was pretty much 100 bucks. I would give this as a gift and also just to myself again if they change it monthly. This must have been the month of DOPS and I lucked out.

    Dops could make great gifts or great pre-packed travel bags for cords or toiletries. SOLID.

    You can't go wrong for the price, I'm blown away by the value which says A LOT about the generosity of this company.

    Five stars - would buy again....just hope I don't end up with more DOPS.... :)