Würkin Bucks

   The Buck Starts Here.

What are Würkin Bucks? 
It's actual money at face value for our Fellow Stiffs to use on New Orders Only at wurkinstiffs.com. Würkin Bucks have "No Cash Value". (sorry)

What do you mean "No Cash Value"? 
Basically, we WILL NOT exchange Würkin Bucks for actual USD. You can not pay for your groceries, buy a drink at the bar and or tip the ladies with these Bucks. Well... You can probably tip the ladies. However, we highly do not recommend it.

Can I use multiple Würkin Bucks during check out? 
Yes. Just enter each unique Code found on the face of your Würkin Bucks. The Codes are used during your checkout process on wurkinstiffs.com.

I'm a Saver... Can I hoard Würkin Bucks? 
Each Würkin Buck has an expiration date in which varies. So, please look at your Bucks and make sure you do not hold them too tightly that they expire. Or, you'll be framing your money and putting it on your office Wall-of-Shame. (if you do that, please take a photo and share it with us.)

Can I give my Bucks away? 
Absolutely! We highly encourage our Stiffs to pay it forward and to surprise those less style-fortunate inside and outside of the workplace with Würkin Bucks. You'll be a Würkin Class Hero to your colleagues, friends and family! (please share those moments with us)

How do I get me some Würkin Bucks? 
The easiest way to get your greedy hands on some Bucks is to purchase something on wurkinstiffs.com. 

There will be many other ways that we'll make it rain on our Fellow Stiffs. Here's a tip: Be creative, grab our attention and spread the word. Because, we love surprising "go-getters" with the unexpected.