Power Stays, (6) Assorted-Size Lengths


Is your collar flapping in the wind like the wings of a disco duck? Wish you could take off that tie and still look crisp and well put together? We have what you need, our patented Power Stays will tame those collars and give you the freedom to position them just right no matter how unruly the collar.


STEP 1: Just slip the stays into your collar.

STEP 2: Insert the super strong magnets under your shirt.

STEP 3: Position the collar to whatever position you'd like.

  • Two 2.0-inch Power Stays
  • Two 2.5-inch Power Stays
  • Two 2.75-inch Power Stays
  • Six Super-Strong Power Buttons  
Additional Information:
  • Airport Metal Detector Friendly Material. (walk right on through with them on)
  • Corrosion-resistant Alloy
  • Hand-Polished Collar Stays
  • Our Power Buttons have the strongest pull-force
  • Fully adjustable.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Damien Christoffersen D.C. Damien C.
    5 star

    Power Stays, (6) Assorted-Size Lengths

    David B. D.B. David B.
    How I love thee, collar stays...

    These are incredible. Yes, they are quite expensive, but I hate wearing my collared shirts without a tie because it splays out in a semi-slobbish look. I have tried bending brass stays but that just makes them fall out. These are phenomenal, and do exactly what you would expect. (I will say that you should be cautious removing a tie etc, as you will easily forget that these are adjusting your collar.) ...oh, and the wallets are great too!

    Kodyy G. K.G. Kodyy G.
    Powerful magnets

    These powerstays pack a punch using very strong magnets to keep everything in place. The multi-sizing is very handy to fit collar multiple dart lengths. Good job WS

    Diane W. D.W. Diane W.
    Collar stays that work perfectly, only complaint is that they can be visible

    I have tried these wurkin stiffs collar stays on 2 dress shirts so far after receiving them, and they work perfectly at holding the collar tight to the shirt. I am extremely fussy about my collars. I like a stiff collar that stays upright against my shirt, and these collar stays do the job. I have tried them on both "non-iron" and soft supima cotton dress shirts, and they work beautifully on both. The magnets are very strong.

    My only complaint so far is that the magnetic buttons that go on the inside of the shirt collar are visible from a side view when wearing a dress shirt without a tie and the top 2 buttons unbuttoned. I haven't had anybody comment that they see them, but I can see them in the mirror when looking directly at that area. They are small and high-quality looking though, so they could pass for an inner styling detail of the shirt.

    My previous way of dealing with collars was to iron them the night before, then immediately put clothes pins on them until the next morning so that they kinda "molded" tight against the shirt. This technique worked well, but I think I like these collar stays better.

    Alexander D. A.D. Alexander D.
    Excellent product!

    The magnets are small, but super powerful! They are able to attach to the stay and handle the constant turning of my neck without dropping off. Fantastic product!

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