Carbon Fiber Leather Collection

Money Clip
This wallet is designed for the guy who thinks fast! Automotive inspired, fully embossed Saffiano Leather Wallets offer a sporty look to the stylish guy who demands attention. Available in our most popular sizes including the larger Euro. Put your pocket game into high gear.

Würkin Wallets are constantly playing defense, so you don't have to!
Our RFID Wallets keep your goods protected. Würkin Wallets restrict your passport, credit and debit cards' Radio Frequency Chip from casting its signal while the wallet is closed. A thin alloy matrix is fused between our embossed Italian calfskin leather, keeping your digital information from getting out.

The Würkin Stiffs Difference:
  • High-Quality Embossed Italian Leather
  • French-Folded Seams (not edge painted)
  • Quick-Draw Outside Pocket
  • RFID Blocker is Bonded to Leather

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Edmund Wong E.W. Edmund W.
Awesome little wallet!

If you're looking for something stylish looking and not a plain boring leather one, this is the wallet to consider. The carbon fiber weave pattern just gives the wallet a nice touch of upscale elegance. Looks to be built really well and I'm hoping it will stand up to abuse of repeated pocket in/pocket out or sitting on the wallet. The outside slot is a nice added touch that works perfectly for door badge entry systems.

Sam S. Sam

Excellent workmanship and quality with the wallet, considerably slimmer than the old wallets I was using before. My only criticism of the one I got, I got the short, wide one to go with the currency here, I can say that Canadian money is just a touch taller than the wallet so the tips stick out on top so you potentially can get all the tops of your bills messed up with continued pulling out of your wallet/putting it back in. If you cycle through cash a lot, this may not be an issue aside from the colourful bills poking out from the otherwise stylish wallet

Sandro S. Sandro

This wallet is amazing!!!

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