Carbon Money Clip

Two great things that are better together.
This small footprint wallet is perfect for the guy who loves the ease of a money clip and needs to carry a few credit cards around. Not to mention, an ID Holder... That's essential. The inside pockets are designed to face inward, so your cards have no chance of escaping. Our outside pocket is designed for those quick necessities like business cards and/or a hotel room key. You know, the things you're scrambling for when timing is everything!

Würkin Wallets are constantly playing defense, so you don't have to!
Our RFID Wallets keep your goods protected. Würkin Wallets restrict your passport, credit and debit cards' Radio Frequency Chip from casting its signal while the wallet is closed. A thin alloy matrix is fused between our embossed Italian calfskin leather, keeping your digital information from getting out.

The Würkin Stiffs Difference:
  • High-Quality Embossed Italian Leather
  • French-Folded Seams (not edge painted)
  • Quick-Draw Outside Pocket
  • RFID Blocker is Bonded to Leather

Customer Reviews

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Jeff Mincy J.M. Jeff M.
Nice wallet. Money clip needs to be a little tighter

Nice minimalist wallet. Have to be careful with cash. Would help if clip was a slight bit tighter.

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