The Mystery Box

A Mystery Box full of high-quality Würkin Stiffs essentials!

All Killer, No Filler!!!

• $100.00 value for $24.95
• Guaranteed an awesome assortment of Würkin Stiffs gear
• No Returns, No Refunds, Limited Quantities 
Würkin Stiffs reserves the right to choose any mix and match combo of the product. 
*All Sales Final, No Returns* 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
William Horton W.H. William H.
Cool product

I ordered the power stays after seeing a youtube video. I was amazing at the quality and the collar hold. It has brought my dress shirts alive. I definitely would recommend.

Luis Lino L.L. Luis L.
5 star

The Mystery Box

Samantha Meier S.M. Samantha M.
Great purchase!

I got this in a whim to add to a small gift I was already buying for my husband and I was more then pleased! We received a slim wallet, 2 pocket squares/lense wips, a set of magnetic collr stays, a lapel pin, a tie bar and more!

Clever Sort C.S. Clever S.
A Fun Box to Get and Give

I ordered one for myself and a good friend who has been preoccupied with his wife and two kids and appreciated what he called a "gentleman's gift box". The box had a cool collection of items that gave me and my buddy a chance to explore what Wurkin Stiffs has to offer. I am hooked on the WS products and look forward to what else they release.

Jeff Mincy J.M. Jeff M.
3 star

Mystery Box

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