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Leather Travel Set - Tan

Rest your weary head on a neck pillow ten miles in the sky and let us worry about your professional appearance. The perfect travel set of stays. A pair for every collar size. A powerful, leather-sheathed traveling companion.

Yours for the taking, globe trotter.

Each Set Includes:  
+ (1) Genuine Leather Wallet
+ (2) 2.0" Power Stays
+ (2) 2.5" Power Stays
+ (2) 2.75" Power Stays
+ (6) Plastic Covered Power Button Magnets

Customer Reviews

Based on 493 reviews
Tousaint Y.
Love them

I have had a set of these stiffs for over a year. From time to time I will lose a magnet, but well worth the repurchase. I get compliments on my erect collars all the time from men and women. If you care about your look as I do you would never wear a Collared shirt without them as I won’t

Glenn C.

3-Pair Magnetic Power Stays (choose size)

Robert C.
Treat Yourself !!!

Shirts that need stays are usually quality shirts. I used to use the crappy thin plastic stays that were often misshapen from the beginning. No worries about that with theses little gems that retain their shape with the curiously strong custom magnets. They are a guilty pleasure for a relatively modest outlay.

Hunter C.
Love my Wurkin Stiffs!

They are great and keep that collar in place!

clean and crisp

this solves my lifelong problem of lazy and flyaway collars. Great product. Wish i had thought of it!