Forged from Sweat, Ingenuity, Magnetism & Mettle.

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Keeping It High and Tight!

Great product, keeps my collars from getting out of line! Magnets are strong and dont come disconnected easily. Like I can adjust the magnet position so the collar doesn sit directy on the neck.

3-Pair Magnetic Power Stays (choose size)

Magnetic Power Stays®

These tie bars are very elegant in their simplicity. Well made but not gaudy, they are a nice accent and don’t get in the way.

Best ever collar stays

My husband’s friend gave him a pair and so I decided to buy him some extra ones so we could pass them along. They’re the best color ever thank you so much.

Wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about the magnets but I absolutely love these. Wouldn’t think they’d make such a big difference but they do.

Magnetic Power Stays®

Magnetic Collar Stays

These work great! I was afraid the magnets might fall off, but they are very strong and stay in place. Keeps my collar from splaying out when I go tie-less.

These things just work great

Since I don’t wear ties anymore I had so many great shirts with sloppy collars. These things hold them neat and the magnets are very strong. Love ‘em.


I bought my würkin stiffs collar stays and magnetic polo stays, and they are freakin' fantastic! I HATE when my golf shirts get floppy... It's just not a good look! With the polo stays, I apply the handy dandy little circle of collar staying happiness, put the magnet underneath, and boom... my formerly flaccid and floppy golf shirt collar is now properly firmly held in place. Same thing with the collar stays. With "regular" stays, the collar will be pointy, but it's not guaranteed to actually stay where it's supposed to.

Free Garment Shield
Christopher H.
Great Product

Work great and nice quality.

A genuinely useful product designed for lifetime use. In the age of disposable everything, products like this are rare.

Great Product - Instant Transformation

These collar stays completely reinvigorated my dress shirt collection. I had consigned myself to weak, floppy collar that flew away a few hours into the work day, but the power stays provided the structure and support my collars needed. Huge fan, and have since ordered more for my wardrobe.

Makes so much sense

Great way to make your dress shirts 👔look like they just came out of the package


Good product

Collar chaos no more!

Seriously one of the best, least expensive but most impactful element of my professional wardrobe! It’s a small thing but in this post-pandemic, business casual world, my tie-less shirts have never looked better. Genuis invention!

Magnetic Stiff-N-Stays®
Stephen D.
Highly Recommend

Lost my last pair and couldn’t live without them. Must have for spread collars when not wearing a tie.

Great idea works great

1¢ Leather Power Stay Wallet
Michael S.
Good quality

Nicely made and good quality

Magnetic Stiff-N-Stays®


They work much better than I thought they would! Very satisfied with them!

Magnetic Stiff-N-Stays®
Mark T.

Perfect product

Lov’m used them for years!!

I love these magnetic stays. I’ve used them for many years and wouldn’t be comfortable, wearing a collared shirt without them!

Great product to look buttoned up and sharp

works perfectly. Only concern is that it is too easy to loose magnets down your shire if you are active. Order extra magnets. Take your stiffs out before you take you shirt off. You'll know they slipped and you have a better chance of finding them.