Forged from Sweat, Ingenuity, Magnetism & Mettle.

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Great Product - Instant Transformation

These collar stays completely reinvigorated my dress shirt collection. I had consigned myself to weak, floppy collar that flew away a few hours into the work day, but the power stays provided the structure and support my collars needed. Huge fan, and have since ordered more for my wardrobe.

Makes so much sense

Great way to make your dress shirts 👔look like they just came out of the package


Good product

Collar chaos no more!

Seriously one of the best, least expensive but most impactful element of my professional wardrobe! It’s a small thing but in this post-pandemic, business casual world, my tie-less shirts have never looked better. Genuis invention!

Highly Recommend

Lost my last pair and couldn’t live without them. Must have for spread collars when not wearing a tie.

Great idea works great

Good quality

Nicely made and good quality

Magnetic Stiff-N-Stays®


They work much better than I thought they would! Very satisfied with them!

Perfect product

Lov’m used them for years!!

I love these magnetic stays. I’ve used them for many years and wouldn’t be comfortable, wearing a collared shirt without them!

Great product to look buttoned up and sharp

works perfectly. Only concern is that it is too easy to loose magnets down your shire if you are active. Order extra magnets. Take your stiffs out before you take you shirt off. You'll know they slipped and you have a better chance of finding them.

It’s a little collar stay, but big joy!

Who knew how happy a set of magnetic collar stays would make me. These seemingly simple and easy to use stays completely changed my confidence. I now where my shirts with pride knowing that I don’t have fidget with constant adjustments, the three sizes of magnetic stays fit my shirts and keep my collars and neck/chest/chin looking crisp and fit!

Awesome product

Love these stays

These are the BEST!

I can’t imagine how I lived without these!

Longtime fan and customer

I’ve owned lots of collar stays over the years but the WS stays and magnets are worth every cent. I actually get sad when I loose a stay or magnet.

Garment Shield
Rick F.
Works great but...

The spray stopped working. I had to put another spray top on it to get stuff out and even then, it's not spraying correctly.

2.0" Magnetic Power Stays - 3 Pair

3-Pair Magnetic Stiff-N-Stays 2.0"

Works As Promised

Very strong magnets.Hold up collars nice and straight. After 1st purchase immediately ordered more!

Love them

Works Great!!!

Makes my shirts look more professional and clean-looking

Black Tie Bar
Robert G.
Great product!

High quality product, just as described.

These are amazing!

Wow! These are the accessory I never knew I so needed !

Great products, as always!

I had a single pair of collar stays and a leather wallet (made for 3 pairs.) this 2 pack completed my collection.
Thanks for great quality products that add a true finishing touch for the guy with attention to detail!