Forged from Sweat, Ingenuity, Magnetism & Mettle.

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Great product. Just what I needed.

The Standard

Wondering why it took me so long to find this product!

Only one negative

The collar stays are great but the magnets due fall off. I’ve lost one so far. But they look great on shirts that would normally look like the flying nun.

Dress for Success

Absolutely love Wurkin Stiffs items

Collar stays

Fantastic…. They work amazing!

They’re awesome!


These are inexpensive, simple to use, and do the trick perfectly. Wouldn’t change a thing.

Black Tie Bar
Bradley F.
sharp accessory

love the matte black. subtle. sharp.

Love the colors, can hardly see them on the shirts

The perfect collar solution!

These things are what I always dreamed of when I was young. The stand up collar without the buttons!
And they work great!

Overall Good

I've been using these stays for years. Great idea and very useful. Suggestions : Design a version with lighter magnets and thinner stays. On some of my finer shirts they bend time collar open losing the high collar effect. Also find a better way to bond the color piece to the magnet. Over time they wear or fall off

Longtime Happy Customer

I been a customer for years and use your product every day! Thank you for years of collar support! Sincerely appreciated!

Very pleased

Makes the shirts I have look brand new — even cancelled an order I was making for a couple new shirts after using this great product.

Awesome New Product

The permanent sticky tabs are amazing on my polos. They make such a difference! Well done!

Slim Tie Bar Pack

Very satisfied with purchase, highly recommend.

Stays that last

I’ve been a würkin stiff for a few years now, and glad that I upgraded to the metal stays. I wear them about every other day and the plastic ones tend to break after about six months. The metal stays have proven to be longer lasting. I highly recommend.

Still testing them out

Polo shirts for golfers are increasing production of straight collars. Adds a crisp appearance to my attire, the sticks stayed in place and the dependable magnets help keep my collar in place.

2-Pair Magnetic Power Stays

Works like a charm

Love this tie clip. It gets the job done with ease and has a low profile.

EXACTLY as advertised!

Worked exactly like they are supposed to! The magnets are very strong! I've got 2 pairs now, and I will be buying more! WORTH THE MONEY!

Leather Travel Set - Black

A neat little set

The wallet is great for organizing my husband's collar stays and magnets but is a stiff leather construct that doesn't actually close all the way. He'll probably never close it, which is fine, bc it accomplishes its purpose. I would not have paid extra for this wallet.

The stays themselves and magnets we haven't had a chance to use yet but feel much more substantial and higher quality than the plastic stays that come with the shirts. The magnets are powerful, so it'll be interesting to see how they fare in keeping his collar up. He seems really happy with his set, which I bought as an anniversary gift.

Chris J.
They work great…

They work great and keep you looking professional, but be careful the magnets chip very easily.

Chris, we suggest upgrading to our Covered Power Buttons! They keep the magnets from chipping, which is a natural occurence in rare earth magnets.

2-Pair Magnetic Stiff-N-Stays