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Around the Water Cooler

Yes, we were on Shark Tank. But that was like 100-years ago and people are still talking about us with thousands of 5-Star Reviews. I guess we can't stop people from talking... but, seriously... Keep talking.
Superhydrophobic technology makes you feel Superhuman. Repel drops and spills on your clothing with our natural solution of stain repellent. Garment Shield has a Non-Toxic and PFA-Free Formula, unlike other harmful evil villains.

When you're wearing coffee on your shirt it stains your reputation. Protect your 'street cred' with Garment Shield. This is our Non-Toxic and Superhydrophobic Stain Repellent. Buy a bottle today.

Find out how your life will change from feeling like a Zero to becoming a Hero! When you have confidence collared, your promotion is right around the corner.
This is our Marco to your Polo. Stick-N-Stays are Wurkin Stiffs permanent solution for shirts without collar stay pockets. These magnetic collar stays have a permanent adhesive that lasts over 30 wash-and-dry cycles without coming off.
Your life could appear to look like it sucks wind. But it doesn't have to be that way. Slide some Wurkin Stiffs into your lifestyle and blow your competition away!