About Us


While getting dressed, our founder Jonathan Boos was at his wits end with his collar. Yes, his collar! They just never stayed put. Call it fly-away collar, call it bacon collar, call it unruly-pain-in-the-rear collar — He had it.

As he was about to throw out every last one of his collared shirts, he had an idea. What if there was a collar stay that actually made your collar stay… where you wanted it to stay.

Fast forward years later, through endless entrepreneurial tinkering, a successful Shark Tank appearance, a utility-patented invention, and an unstoppable obsession with crisp collars, Würkin Stiffs was on its way.

Today, we're the market-leading pioneer of magnetic collar stays. We've always known that when you look good, you feel good. So, we continue to engineer products that do just that.

We are Würkin Stiffs, your secret sidekick in feeling unstoppable!