Polo Stays, (16 Polo Stays)

Ever have your collars curl on your Polo shirts? Tame them with our iron-on stays that fit beneath the collar corners for a crisp and clean look. Also, you can use these with collars that do not have collar stay pockets. This ingenious solution to rowdy collars will last through more than 60 wash-and-dry cycles. Can be used with Magnetic Power Buttons for a well balanced and completely adjustable collar spread. 


  • Metal Stays with Adhesive Backing
  • Must use heat to chemically bond collar stay to fabric
  • Comes with 16-Polo Stays (satisfies 8-shirts)

  • Customer Reviews

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    Tim McRae T.M. Tim M.
    Great Product!

    Love the Collar stays and Polo Stays. Probably would not have purchased without the promotional pricing, but I am very happy with the look and feel of my shirts now! Solved a terrible problem for me. My laundry ruins all my collars but what could I do, she's been doing it for almost 40 years! Now I don't need new shirts! Thank you.

    Lyle Hardin L.H. Lyle H.
    Polo Stays

    I use them mainly for my Hawaiian style shirts. Just Perfect.

    Carmine Raimo C.R. Carmine R.
    5 star

    Polo Stays, (16 Polo Stays)

    Scott Hagemann S.H. Scott H.
    Great Product

    Will be buying more!

    Gillespie, S. G.S. Gillespie, S.
    Love the polo stays. Solves

    Love the polo stays. Solves a long- standing problem really well.