Magnetic Collar Stays

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Is your collar flapping in the wind like the wings of a disco duck? Wish you could take off that tie and still look crisp and put together? Blue or White collar, it does not matter... We have what you need. Our patented Power Stays will tame those collars and give you the freedom to position them just right, no matter how unruly your collars are.


STEP 1: Just slip the stays into your collar.

STEP 2: Insert our super strong magnets under your shirt.

STEP 3: Position the collar to whatever position you'd like.


  • Six High-Tech Alloy Power Stays
  • Six Super-Strong Power Buttons

Additional Information:

  • Airport Metal Detector Friendly Material. (walk right on through with them on)
  • Corrosion-Resistant Alloy.
  • Hand-Polished Collar Stays.
  • Power Buttons have the strongest pull-force available.
  • Fully adjustable.

Polo Stays:

Got shirts without collar stay pockets? Tame them with our iron-on stays that fit beneath the collar corners for a crisp and clean look. This ingenious solution to rowdy collars will last through more than 60 wash-and-dry cycles. May be used with Magnetic Power Buttons to set your collar in place.

*Brand New Item*

Stiff-N-Stay; The Only Plastic Magnetic Collar Stays.

This patented collar stay is made from a special formulated plastic which makes them stiff with "flex-back" capabilities. One placement for the Power Button® (super-strong magnet) ensures the connection to stay-in-place at the tip!

  • 8 - 2.5" Length Plastic Magnetic Power Stays
  • 4 - Power Buttons
  • 1 - Paper Insert (instructions) 


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