Magnetic Polo Stays®

5-Pair · Polo Stays®

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Revitalize your old flannel, and give that stiff collar Polo Shirt something to swing for.
Perfect collar connection!


Polo Stays® just stick-n-stay permanently under any collared shirt without a collar stay pocket. The discs are designed to withstand 30+ wash-and-dry cycles without falling off. It's your permanent solution! Kiss collar curl goodbye forever.

Each Set Includes:
+ (10) Permanent Adhesive Magnetic Collar Stays for Polo Shirts
+ (2) Plastic Covered Magnetic Power Buttons

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Best Paired With

Collar Curl?
1. Apply Stick-N-Stays
2. Connect Magnet Inside Shirt
3. Adjust and Go

Polo Shirts & More.

If your shirt does not have a collar stay pockets, then Polo Stays® are the perfect solution to prevent collar curl. Simply peel and stick them underneath your collar and apply some heat to set the adhesive bond. Our proprietary adhesive lasts over 30 wash-and-dry cycles without coming off.

German Surgical Steel

Polo Stays® are made from German Surgical Steel in which will not rust during and/or after your clothes washing cycle. Simply the best.

Power Buttons®

The strongest magnets on planet earth. Our Power Buttons® are plastic covered to help prevent inherent characteristics of uncovered magnets.