The Only Plastic Magnetic Collar Stays.

As a Würkin Stiffs Exclusive we can offer at a lower price.

Brand New Item!


This patented collar stay is made from a special formulated plastic which makes them stiff with "flex-back" capabilities. One placement for the Power Button® (super-strong magnet) ensures the connection to stay-in-place at the tip!

  • 8 - 2.5" Length Plastic Magnetic Power Stays
  • 4 - Power Buttons
  • 1 - Paper Insert (instructions) 

Adjust the collar spread by sliding the collar.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Scott Hagemann S.H. Scott H.
Great Product

I'm wearing shirts I haven't worn in a long time because the collars looked sloppy.

Augusto Trigueros A.T. Augusto T.
5 star

Stiff-N-Stay Magnetic Collar Stay

Richard Sauers R.S. Richard S.
5 star

Perfect and Best way of making your dress shirts look sharp, crisp, and with collar stays that are metal they don't lose theirs (sic).For dress shirts without bottons using the magnets you get a crisp stanp up collar rather than an fall open shirt front.

Fadhel Al-Hadi F.A. Fadhel A.
Did not try them on yet

Did not try it on yet, But am going to give it 4 stars just because i like the concept but i did not like the packaging -> the pieces kept falling out of their holder or whatever you call it.

Diego ZH D.Z. Diego Z.
Great elements and good quality

I can attest the product is of good quality and good looking. The magnets are extremely strong and there is no chance one of them could get lost while wearing them, of course it depends on what you are doing.... a moment of passion can get you to loose even your car keys :) ok going back to the review, I am not giving it a 5 star solely to the fact that I think it would be great if the set came in different sizes, lenght and widht. I manage to grind some fo them to fit in my shirts. Easy and quickly done without any risk of damaging the shirt inserts, that´s how I can say the marterial is top notch.
Will be coming here soon to get another gimmick I found very attractive.
Thanks for the service you guys are providing for us!

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