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Leather Travel Set - Black

Rest your weary head on a neck pillow ten miles in the sky and let us worry about your professional appearance. The perfect travel set of stays. A pair for every collar size. A powerful, leather-sheathed traveling companion.

Yours for the taking, globe trotter.

Each Set Includes: 
+ (1) Genuine Leather Wallet
+ (2) 2.0" Power Stays
+ (2) 2.5" Power Stays
+ (2) 2.75" Power Stays
+ (6) Plastic Covered Power Button Magnets

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 527 reviews
    Brian D.
    Thrilled about my new look

    Excellent product

    Carolina E.
    My husband loves them

    Excellent product

    Alex O.
    2” 3-pair magnetic power stays

    Power stays work great ,making collar of a shirt be more straight and attractive rather stick out to each side. Wish I known earlier about power stays ,would make life easier!!!

    Ryan K.
    Love 'em

    I use these everyday for work and don't leave my house without them. I like having a leather case at home and in my car. It's great that I can buy the variety of 3 different size collar stays depending on the length of the shirt collar. Losing all the buttons and stiffs takes me a few months, so I'm convinced my dry cleaners has a pile of them to enjoy or maybe stuck somewhere on metal hangers too. I would recommend a new product idea: pouch or patch of cloth that can be stitched permanently into collar to hold magnets into irregular collars that don't have collar stays, such as buttoned shirts or polo shirts. The sticker versions don't cut it for me because they don't prop up the collar to look stiff.

    Brian L.
    Best Collar Stays!

    2.5" Magnetic Power Stays - 3 Pair